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, but is small dealmaking. negotiators are getting close. patty murray and paul ryan are on the path to a deal. they still have differences here. the bigger question is, can whatever agreement these to come up with pass muster with their collective colleagues? they will be at it this weekend and communicating with their staffs. the deadline is next friday, december 13. the real deadline is january 15. that is when the government runs out of money. ,he key component of the deal is that spending levels will replace the automatic spending cuts. other areas and some new revenue would not involve any tax increases or major entitlement reforms. none of those big-ticket items. even the smaller deal is proving to be a challenge right now. >> it just seems like every thought that we have had on this set says that we have to have entitlement reform. if those issues are not on the table, what is the point of this? >> the only point is to provide some certainty in the short term. there is a case that we made here, a lot of people are skeptical of. if they can reach the smaller deal in one or two years, ma
for his investors. it is not -- it is not kyl versus paul, i am just opining on what i think the court case will do. i think he has a larger chance of losing. >> that is today's latin america report. >> a takeover dance that dates almost two months. jos. a bank has gone from hunter to hunted. considering a buyout from men's wearhouse. released third- quarter results this morning. they are gearing up for a conference call underway. cristina alesci has been listening in. any news? >> those are erik's stores. >> it is only going to get bigger and better. they have avoided the question so far. we are just getting into the analysts' questions. it is likely the executive a lot to avoid this. investors are betting on the deal coming together. we have seen the stock price, on both sides -- stock price come up on both sides. the results of a poet jos. a bank -- the results today put even betterin an position. men's wearhouse is in a weaker position. it is easier for them to be the they do not have a ceo. they miss earnings last quarter and they have an activist investor who has been publicly pr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2